What is the purpose of the vwd webinfo file in an asp net website project

Understanding the Purpose of the vwd.webinfo File in an ASP.NET Website Project

When working with ASP.NET website projects, you may come across a file vwd.webinfo. This file serves an purpose in the project structure and plays a role in the development and process. In this article, we will explore the purpose of the vwd.webinfo file and how it affects your ASP.NET website project.

What is the vwd.webinfo File?

The vwd.webinfo file is an XML file that is automatically generated when you create an ASP.NET website project in Studio. It is located in the root directory of your project and contains important configuration information for the project.

This file is primarily used by Visual Studio to the project settings and the state of the project. It stores information such as the project type, target framework version, and project-specific settings.

Why is the vwd.webinfo File Important?

The vwd.webinfo file is important because it helps Visual Studio understand and manage your ASP.NET website project. It provides the necessary information for Visual Studio to properly build, debug, and deploy your project.

For example, the vwd.webinfo file specifies the target framework version of your project. This information is crucial for Visual Studio to ensure that the correct version of the .NET Framework is used the development and deployment process.

Example Usage

Let's take a look at an example of how the vwd.webinfo file is used in an ASP.NET website project:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

In this example, the vwd.webinfo file specifies that the project type is an ASP.NET website project (identified by the ProjectTypeGuids element). It also specifies that the target framework version is v4.7.2, and that IIS be used for debugging and development.


The vwd.webinfo file is an essential component of an ASP.NET website project. It provides important configuration information that Visual Studio uses to properly build, debug, and deploy your project. Understanding the purpose and structure of this file can help you effectively manage your ASP.NET website projects and ensure smooth development and deployment processes.

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