Send daily mail in background from asp net mvc web app using quartz net


ASP.NET is a popular programming language used for web . One common requirement in web applications is the ability to send daily emails in the background. In this article, we will explore how to achieve this using Quartz.NET, a powerful job scheduling library for .NET.

Setting up Quartz.NET

To get , we need to install the Quartz.NET NuGet package in our ASP.NET MVC web application. Open the Package Manager Console and run the following command:

Install-Package Quartz

This will install the necessary dependencies and set up Quartz.NET in our project.

Creating a Background Job

Next, we need to create a background job that will be responsible for sending the daily emails. In our ASP.NET MVC web application, create a new DailyEmailJob and implement the IJob interface from the Quartz.NET library.

public class DailyEmailJob : IJob
    public void (IJobExecutionContext context)
        // Code to send daily email goes here

In the Execute of the DailyEmailJob class, we can the code to send the daily email. This could involve the necessary data, composing the email, and using a library like SmtpClient to send the email.

Scheduling the Job

Now that we have our background job, we need to schedule it to run daily. In our ASP.NET MVC web application, open the Global.asax.cs file and add the following code in the Application_Start method:

In the above code, we first create an instance of the Quartz.NET scheduler and start it. Then, we create a job detail for our DailyEmailJob class and a that specifies the schedule for running the job. In this example, the job will run daily at 8:00 AM.


By using Quartz.NET, we can easily send daily emails in the background from our ASP.NET MVC web application. The library provides powerful scheduling capabilities, allowing us to define when and how often our background job should run. With the example code provided in this article, you can now implement this functionality in your own web application.

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