Mixed content issue on my asp net umbraco website


ASP.NET is a popular programming language used for developing web applications. It provides a powerful framework for building dynamic and interactive websites. However, like any programming language, ASP.NET can have its challenges. One common issue that developers may encounter is the content issue on an ASP.NET Umbraco website.

the Mixed Content Issue

The mixed content issue when a website contains both secure (HTTPS) and non-secure (HTTP) content. This can happen when the website is accessed over a secure connection, but some resources, such as images, scripts, or stylesheets, are loaded over an connection. Browsers often block mixed content to the user's and privacy.

Identifying Mixed Content

To mixed content on your ASP.NET Umbraco website, you can use the browser's developer tools. Open the developer tools by right-clicking on the webpage and selecting “Inspect” or “Inspect Element.” Look for any warnings or errors related to mixed content in the console or tab.

Solving the Mixed Content Issue

To solve the mixed content issue on your ASP.NET Umbraco website, you need to ensure that all resources are loaded over a secure connection. Here are some steps you can take:

1. Update URLs

Check all the resource URLs, such as images, scripts, and stylesheets, used in your ASP.NET Umbraco website. Make sure they are using the HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP. For example:


2. Use Protocol- URLs

Instead of specifying the protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) in the resource URLs, you can use protocol-relative URLs. This allows the browser to automatically use the same protocol as the current page. For example:


3. Check External Resources

If your ASP.NET Umbraco website includes external resources, such as third-party scripts or plugins, make sure they are also loaded over a secure connection. Contact the provider of the external resource to ensure they support HTTPS.

4. Update Umbraco Configuration

Umbraco is a popular content management system for ASP.NET websites. Check the Umbraco configuration files for any references to non-secure resources. Update these references to use HTTPS.


The mixed content issue can cause problems on an ASP.NET Umbraco website, but it can be resolved by ensuring that all resources are loaded over a secure connection. By updating resource URLs, using protocol-relative URLs, checking external resources, and updating Umbraco configuration, you can eliminate mixed content and provide a secure browsing experience for your users.

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