How to use wowza media server in asp net website


ASP.NET is a powerful programming that allows developers to build dynamic and interactive websites. One common requirement for websites is the ability to stream media content, such as videos, to users. In this article, we will explore how to use Media Server in an ASP.NET website.

What is Wowza Media Server?

Wowza Media Server is a streaming media server software that allows you to stream audio and video content over the . It provides a robust and solution for delivering high-quality media to users across different and platforms.

Setting up Wowza Media Server

Before we can using Wowza Media Server in our ASP.NET website, we need to set it up. Here are the :

  1. Download and install Wowza Media Server on your server or hosting provider.
  2. Configure Wowza Media Server with your desired settings, such as port and streaming protocols.
  3. Create a media source, such as a video file or a live stream, that you want to stream to your website.

Using Wowza Media Server in ASP.NET

Once Wowza Media Server is set up, we can start using it in our ASP.NET website. Here's an example of how to embed a video stream from Wowza Media Server in an ASP.NET page:

    Wowza Media Server Example


Welcome to my website!

In the above example, we have a ASP.NET page that includes an HTML5 video element. The “src” attribute of the video element points to the URL of the video stream on Wowza Media Server. The “controls” attribute enables the default video controls, such as play, , and volume.


Wowza Media Server is a powerful tool for streaming media content in ASP.NET websites. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily integrate Wowza Media Server into your website and provide a seamless streaming experience to your users.

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