How to show and hide html fieldset and also set legend text from asp net code be


ASP.NET is a popular programming language used for building dynamic web applications. One requirement in web is the ability to show and hide HTML fieldsets and set the legend text from ASP.NET code. In this article, we will explore different approaches to achieve this functionality.

Approach 1: Using JavaScript

One way to show and hide HTML fieldsets is by using JavaScript. We can write a JavaScript function that toggles the visibility of the fieldset based on a button click . Here's an example:

To set the legend text from ASP.NET code, we can use the InnerText property of the legend element. Here's an example:

Approach 2: Using ASP.NET Controls

approach is to use ASP.NET server controls to achieve the desired functionality. We can use the Visible property of the fieldset control to show or hide it. Here's an example:

New Legend Text

In the code-behind file, we can handle the button click event and the visibility of the fieldset control:

protected void toggleButton_Click( sender, EventArgs e)
  myPanel.Visible = !myPanel.Visible;


Showing and hiding HTML fieldsets and setting the legend text from ASP.NET code can be achieved using JavaScript or ASP.NET server controls. Both approaches provide flexibility and can be used based on the specific requirements of your web .

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