How to print out invoice directly from printer machine using asp net mvc


Printing out an invoice directly from a printer machine using ASP.NET MVC can be achieved by following a few steps. In this article, we will explore how to accomplish this task with the help of code examples.

Step 1: Setting up the ASP.NET MVC

First, let's a new ASP.NET MVC project. Open Visual Studio and select “Create a new project.” Choose the ASP.NET Web Application and provide a suitable name for your project. Select MVC as the project template and on “Create.”

Step 2: Adding a Print Action Method

In the newly created project, navigate to the “Controllers” folder and open the HomeController.cs file. Inside this file, add a new action method called “PrintInvoice” that will handle the printing functionality.

public  PrintInvoice()
    // Code to print the invoice
    return View();

Step 3: Creating the Invoice View

Create a new view file called “PrintInvoice.” inside the “/Home” folder. This view will contain the HTML for the invoice layout.

Step 4: Adding the Print Button

In the PrintInvoice.cshtml view, add a button that will the printing functionality when clicked. You can use the following HTML code:

Step 5: Styling the Invoice

To ensure that the printed invoice looks presentable, you can add CSS styles to the PrintInvoice.cshtml view. Customize the styles according to your to achieve the desired layout.

Step 6: Testing the Printing Functionality

Now, run the ASP.NET MVC project and navigate to the PrintInvoice page. Click on the “Print Invoice” button, and the browser's print dialog will appear. Select the desired printer and click on “Print” to print out the invoice directly from the printer machine.


In this article, we have learned how to print out an invoice directly from a printer machine using ASP.NET MVC. By following the steps outlined above and customizing the code and styles to fit your requirements, you can easily implement this functionality in your ASP.NET MVC projects.

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