How to map fallback in asp net core web api so that blazor wasm app only interc

Mapping Fallback in ASP.NET Core Web API for Blazor WASM App

ASP.NET Core Web API is a powerful framework for building web applications and APIs. Blazor WebAssembly (WASM) is a client-side web framework that allows you to build interactive web applications using C# instead of JavaScript. In this article, we will explore how to map fallback in ASP.NET Core Web API so that a Blazor WASM app only intercepts routes.

When hosting a Blazor WASM app within an ASP.NET Core Web API project, it is common to have both -side routes and client-side routes. By default, the Blazor app intercepts all requests and handles them on the client-side. However, there may be scenarios where you want the server-side API to handle specific routes while allowing the Blazor app to handle the rest.

To achieve this, you can use the MapFallbackToPage method provided by the EndpointRouteBuilder in ASP.NET Core. This method allows you to map a fallback to a Page, which can be used to serve the Blazor app's entry point.


public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IWebHostEnvironment env)
    // Other middleware configurations

    app.UseEndpoints(endpoints =>
        // Other endpoint mappings

In the above example, we are mapping the fallback route to the /_Host Razor Page. This page serves as the entry point for the Blazor app. Any requests that do not match any other routes will be handled by this fallback route and served by the Blazor app.

It is important to note that the MapFallbackToPage method should be placed other endpoint mappings. This ensures that specific routes are handled falling back to the Blazor app.

By mapping the fallback route in this way, you can have fine-grained control over which routes are handled by the server-side API and which routes are handled by the Blazor app. This allows you to build hybrid applications that leverage the strengths of both server-side and client-side rendering.

Remember to include the necessary and tags with the appropriate and attributes when including code examples in your ASP.NET Core Web API project.

With the above , you can easily map fallback routes in ASP.NET Core Web API for a Blazor WASM app, ensuring that specific routes are handled by the server-side API while allowing the Blazor app to handle the rest. This provides a seamless integration between the server-side and client-side components of your application.

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