How to display part of a string underlined to an asp net label control

ASP.NET is a powerful programming that allows to create dynamic web . One common task in web development is displaying part of a string to an ASP.NET label control. In this article, we will explore different approaches to achieve this functionality.

One way to display part of a string underlined is by using HTML tags within the label control. Let's consider an we have a label control named “lblText” and we want to underline the word “ASP.NET” within the string “Welcome to ASP.NET programming”.

To achieve this, we can use the HTML tag to underline the desired text. Here's how the code would look like:

lblText.Text = "Welcome to ASP.NET programming";

By wrapping the desired text with the tags, we can achieve the desired underlined effect. When the label control is rendered on the web page, the word “ASP.NET” will be displayed with an underline.

Another approach to achieve the same result is by using CSS styles. We can define a CSS class that applies the underline to the desired text. Let's consider the same example as before:

lblText.Text = "Welcome to ASP.NET programming";

In this example, we have added a tag with a class set to “underline”. We can define the CSS class in the CSS file or within a

By applying the "underline" class to the desired text, we can achieve the underlined effect using CSS styles.

In conclusion, there are multiple ways to display part of a string underlined to an ASP.NET label control. Whether you to use HTML tags or CSS styles, both approaches can achieve the desired result. It's important to consider the requirements of your project and choose the approach that best fits your needs.

Remember to always test your code and ensure that the underlined text is displayed correctly in different browsers and devices.

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