Google chart qr code data is greater than 2k asp net


ASP.NET is a popular programming language used for dynamic web applications. It provides a powerful framework for creating web and web services. One common challenge faced by developers is handling large amounts of data, especially when it comes to integrating services like Google Charts.

The Problem

One specific issue that developers often encounter is when the data to be displayed in a Google Chart QR code exceeds 2k . By default, ASP.NET has a limit on the maximum size, can cause the QR code generation to fail.

To solve this problem, we need to increase the maximum request size allowed by ASP.NET. This can be done by modifying the web. file of your ASP.NET application.

Open the web.config file and locate the section. Inside this section, add the following code:

This code sets the maximum request length to 20,480 kilobytes (20MB). You can adjust this value according to your specific .


Let's say we have a web page that generates a QR code based on user input. The user enters a text string, and the server-side code generates the QR code using the Google Charts API.

Here's an example of how you can handle the QR code generation in ASP.NET:

protected void GenerateQRCode(string data)
    if (data.Length > 2048)
        // Handle the case where the data exceeds the limit
        // Display an error message to the user

    // Generate the QR code using the Google Charts API
    string qrCodeUrl = $"{data}";

    // Display the QR code on the web page
    qrCodeImage.ImageUrl = qrCodeUrl;

In this example, we first if the length of the data string exceeds the limit of 2048 characters. If it does, we handle the case by displaying an error message to the user. Otherwise, we generate the QR code using the Google Charts API and display it on the web page.


Handling large amounts of data in ASP.NET can be challenging, especially when integrating external services like Google Charts. By increasing the maximum request size allowed by ASP.NET, we can overcome the limitation and successfully generate QR codes even with data exceeding 2k characters. Remember to adjust the maximum request length according to your specific needs.

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