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ASP.NET is a popular programming language used for developing web applications. One common requirement in web development is to a in a grid view. This article will explain how to achieve this using ASP.NET with examples.

Freezing a Column in ASP.NET Grid View

The grid view control in ASP.NET allows us to display tabular data on a web page. By default, the grid view scrolls horizontally, means that all columns are visible while scrolling. However, in some cases, we may want to freeze a specific column so that it remains visible while scrolling horizontally.

To freeze a column in ASP.NET grid view, we can use the CSS property called “position: sticky”. This property allows an element to remain fixed in its position relative to the viewport, even when the page is scrolled.

Let's consider a scenario where we have a grid view with multiple columns, and we want to freeze the first column.


In the above example, we have added a CSS class called “sticky-column” to the first column's template . This class will be used to apply the “position: sticky” property to the column.

To make the column sticky, we need to define the CSS class in our stylesheet:

The “position: sticky” property is to the “sticky-column” class, which makes the column sticky. The “left: 0” property ensures that the column remains fixed to the left side of the grid view. The “background-color” property sets the background color of the sticky column, and the “z-index” property ensures that the column above elements.

By following the above steps, the first column of the grid view will be frozen and remain visible while scrolling horizontally.


In this article, we discussed how to freeze a column in ASP.NET grid view using the “position: sticky” CSS property. By applying this property to the desired column, we can achieve the desired functionality. Remember to define the CSS class and apply it to the appropriate column in the grid view. This technique can be useful when dealing with large data sets or when displaying important information that to remain visible at all times.

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