Crystal reports images not loading in asp net mvc


Crystal Reports is a popular reporting tool used in ASP.NET MVC applications to and reports. However, you may encounter an issue where the images in Crystal Reports are not loading properly. This article aims to provide a solution to this with examples.

Problem Description

When using Crystal Reports in an ASP.NET MVC application, you may notice that the images embedded in the reports are not loading. Instead, you may see broken image placeholders or no images at all. This can be frustrating as it hinders the overall user experience and makes the reports less informative.


There can be several reasons why Crystal Reports images are not loading in ASP.NET MVC. Some of the common causes :

  • Incorrect image paths or URLs
  • Missing or inaccessible image files
  • Security restrictions preventing image loading


To solve the issue of Crystal Reports images not loading in ASP.NET MVC, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Image Paths

First, ensure that the image paths or URLs specified in the Crystal Reports are correct. Check if the images are located in the expected directories and that the paths are properly configured. Incorrect paths can prevent the images from loading.

// Example code to verify image paths
string imagePath = Server.MapPath("~/Images/logo.png");

Step 2: Check Image Files

Make sure that the image files referenced in the Crystal Reports actually exist in the specified locations. If the files are missing or have been , the images will not load. Verify the file names, extensions, and file paths to ensure they are accurate.

// Example code to check image file existence
string imagePath = Server.MapPath("~/Images/logo.png");
bool imageExists = File.Exists(imagePath);

Step 3: Adjust Security Settings

In some cases, security settings on the server or within the ASP.NET MVC application may prevent the loading of external images. Ensure that the necessary permissions are granted to access the image files and that any security restrictions are properly configured.

// Example code to adjust security settings



By following the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to the issue of Crystal Reports images not loading in ASP.NET MVC. Verifying image paths, checking image files, and adjusting security settings can help ensure that the images are correctly in your reports. Remember to double-check your code and configurations to ensure accuracy.

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