Asp net webpages use html extension

ASP.NET is a widely used programming language for developing web applications. It provides a powerful framework for building dynamic and interactive websites. One of the key features of ASP.NET is its to seamlessly integrate with HTML, allowing developers to create webpages with ease.

When working with ASP.NET, webpages typically have an HTML . This means that the content of the webpage is primarily written in HTML, with ASP.NET code embedded within it. This combination of HTML and ASP.NET code allows for the creation of dynamic webpages that can interact with databases, handle user input, and perform other tasks.

To illustrate this concept, let's consider an example where we have a webpage that displays a list of products. The HTML code for this webpage might look like this:

Example: Displaying a List of Products

Here is an example of how you can use ASP.NET to display a list of products on a webpage:

    Product List


Product List

    @foreach (var product in .Products) {
  • @product.Name - @product.Price
  • }

In this example, we have a simple HTML with a heading and an unordered list. The ASP.NET code is embedded within the HTML using the “@” symbol. The code uses a foreach loop to iterate over a of products and generates list items for each product.

The ASP.NET code within the HTML is enclosed within the “

" and "

” tags to indicate that it is C# code.

This is just a basic example, but it demonstrates how ASP.NET can be used to generate dynamic content within an HTML webpage. ASP.NET provides a wide range of features and functionalities that can be used to build complex web applications.


ASP.NET is a powerful programming language for developing web applications. By seamlessly with HTML, it allows developers to create dynamic and interactive webpages. The combination of HTML and ASP.NET code enables the creation of web applications that can handle user input, interact with databases, and perform various other tasks. you are a or an experienced developer, ASP.NET provides a robust framework for building modern web applications.

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