Asp net upload fails for files with large size


ASP.NET is a popular programming used for web applications. One common issue that developers face is the failure of file uploads for large-sized files. This article aims to provide a solution to this problem by discussing various approaches and providing .

Understanding the Problem

When files using ASP.NET, there are certain limitations imposed by the and the . These limitations are often defined in the web.config file and can restrict the maximum file size that can be uploaded. When attempting to upload a file that exceeds this limit, the upload process fails.

1: Increasing Maximum File Size Limit

The first approach to solving this problem is to the maximum file size limit allowed by the server and the ASP.NET framework. This can be done by modifying the web.config file of your application.


In the above example, the maxRequestLength attribute is set to 1048576, which represents the maximum file size in kilobytes (1GB). You can adjust this value according to your requirements.

Approach 2: Chunked File Upload

Another approach to handling large file uploads is to implement a chunked file upload mechanism. This involves splitting the file into smaller chunks and uploading them individually. This approach allows for better control over the upload process and reduces the chances of failure.

// Example code for chunked file upload
// Implement your own  for chunking and uploading

public ActionResult UploadChunk(HttpPostedFileBase file, int chunkNumber)
    // Process and save the chunked file
    // Implement your own logic here

    return Json(new { success = true });

In the above example, the UploadChunk method receives the file chunk and the chunk number as parameters. You can implement your own logic for chunking the file and saving it on the server. This approach allows you to handle large files by uploading them in smaller, manageable chunks.


Uploading large-sized files in ASP.NET can be challenging, but with the right approach, it can be overcome. By increasing the maximum file size limit or a chunked file upload mechanism, you can ensure successful file uploads even for large files. Choose the approach that best suits your requirements and implement it in your ASP.NET application.

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