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ASP.NET is a popular programming used for developing web applications. One common issue that developers face is the difference between the text and properties of a control. In this article, we will explore this issue and provide with examples.

The Difference Between Text and Value Properties

In ASP.NET, a textbox control has two important properties: text and value. The text property represents the visible text displayed in the textbox, the value property represents the underlying value of the textbox.

By default, the text property and the value property are synchronized. This means that when you set the text property, the value property is automatically updated with the same value. Similarly, when you retrieve the value property, it returns the same value as the text property.

: Text and Value Mismatch

However, there are situations where the text and value properties may not be synchronized. One common scenario is when you modify the text property using client-side JavaScript or jQuery. In such cases, the value property may not be updated accordingly, leading to a mismatch between the displayed text and the underlying value.

Solution: the Value Property

To solve this issue, you need to the value property whenever you modify the text property using client-side code. This can be done by using JavaScript or jQuery to set the value property to the updated text value.

// JavaScript example
var textbox = document.getElementById("myTextbox");
textbox.value = textbox.innerText;

// jQuery example

In the above examples, we retrieve the textbox element using its ID and then update the value property with the current text value. This ensures that the text and value properties are synchronized.


The difference between the text and value properties of an ASP.NET textbox control can cause confusion and unexpected . By manually updating the value property whenever the text property is modified using client-side code, you can ensure that the displayed text and the underlying value are always synchronized.

Remember to use the provided code examples to implement this solution in your ASP.NET applications. By doing so, you can avoid any issues related to text and value mismatch in your textbox controls.

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