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ASP.NET is a popular programming language used for web applications. One common requirement in web development is the ability to display PDF files within a web page. In this article, we will explore different approaches to implement an ASP.NET PDF .

Using an iframe

One simple way to display a PDF file in an ASP.NET web page is by using an iframe. The iframe element allows us to another HTML document within the document.

In the above example, we specify the source of the PDF file using the `src` attribute of the iframe. We also set the and height of the iframe to ensure the PDF is displayed properly within the web page.

Using a PDF.js library

Another approach to implement an ASP.NET PDF viewer is by using a JavaScript library called PDF.js. PDF.js is an open-source project that provides a web standard-based method for displaying PDF files in the .

To use PDF.js in an ASP.NET application, we need to include the necessary JavaScript and CSS files. We can do this by downloading the PDF.js library from the official website or by using a manager like npm.

Once we have included the required files, we can use the PDF.js API to load and display the PDF file.

In the above example, we create a container element with the id “pdfContainer” where the PDF will be displayed. We then use the PDF.js API to load the PDF file, retrieve the page, and render it on a canvas element.


Displaying PDF files in an ASP.NET web page can be achieved using different approaches. The iframe method provides a simple way to embed a PDF, the PDF.js library offers more flexibility and control over the display of the PDF. Choose the approach that best suits your requirements and integrate it into your ASP.NET application.

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