Ie not offering to save password of asp net form


ASP.NET is a popular programming language used for developing web applications. One common issue faced by developers is the lack of an option to save passwords in ASP.NET . In this article, we will explore different to this problem and provide examples to illustrate the solutions.

Solution 1: Using a Custom Encryption Algorithm

One way to address the issue of not offering to save passwords in ASP.NET forms is to implement a custom encryption algorithm. This involves encrypting the password before storing it in the database and decrypting it when .

//  code for custom encryption algorithm
string EncryptPassword(string password)
    // Implement your custom encryption logic here
    return encryptedPassword;

string DecryptPassword(string encryptedPassword)
    // Implement your custom decryption logic here
    return decryptedPassword;

In this example, the EncryptPassword function takes the password as input and returns the encrypted password. The DecryptPassword function takes the encrypted password as input and returns the decrypted password.

Solution 2: Using ASP.NET Identity

Another approach to solve the issue is by utilizing ASP.NET Identity, which is a membership system that provides built-in features for managing user authentication and . ASP.NET Identity includes functionality to securely and manage passwords.

// Example code using ASP.NET Identity
var userManager = new UserManager(new UserStore(new ApplicationDbContext()));

// Create a new user
var user = new ApplicationUser { UserName = "" };
var result = await userManager.CreateAsync(user, "P@ssw0rd");

//  the user
var signInManager = new SignInManager(userManager, .GetOwinContext().Authentication);
await signInManager.PasswordSignInAsync("", "P@ssw0rd", true, false);

In this example, we create a new user using the CreateAsync method of the UserManager class. The password is securely stored using ASP.NET Identity's built-in password hashing mechanism. We then authenticate the user using the PasswordSignInAsync method of the SignInManager class.


Not offering to save passwords in ASP.NET forms can be a concern for both developers and users. By implementing a custom encryption algorithm or utilizing ASP.NET Identity, developers can address this issue and provide a solution for password management in ASP.NET applications.

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