How to get the user in asp net core 7 web api using windows authentication


ASP.NET is a popular programming used for building web applications. In this article, we will discuss how to get the user in ASP.NET Core 7 Web API using .

Windows Authentication in ASP.NET Core 7

Windows Authentication is a built-in authentication mechanism in ASP.NET Core that allows you to authenticate users based on Windows credentials. It is commonly used in intranet scenarios where the application is hosted on a Windows and the users are authenticated against the Active Directory.

Windows Authentication

To enable Windows Authentication in ASP.NET Core 7 Web API, you need to make some changes in the project configuration.

First, open the project's Startup.cs file and locate the ConfigureServices method. Add the following code to enable Windows Authentication:

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
    // Other service configurations

This code adds the Windows Authentication middleware to the application's authentication pipeline.

Accessing User Information

Once Windows Authentication is enabled, you can access the user information in your ASP.NET Core 7 Web API or services.

To access the user information, you can inject the IHttpContextAccessor into your controller or service. The IHttpContextAccessor provides access to the current HTTP context, including the user information.

Here's an example of how to access the user information in a controller:

public class UserController : 
    private readonly IHttpContextAccessor _httpContextAccessor;

    public UserController(IHttpContextAccessor httpContextAccessor)
        _httpContextAccessor = httpContextAccessor;

    public IActionResult GetUser()
        var user = _httpContextAccessor.HttpContext.User;
        // Access user properties like user.Identity.Name, user.Identity.AuthenticationType, etc.
        return Ok(user);

In this example, the IHttpContextAccessor is injected into the UserController constructor. The GetUser action retrieves the current user from the HttpContext and returns it as the response.


In this article, we discussed how to get the user in ASP.NET Core 7 Web API using Windows Authentication. We learned how to enable Windows Authentication in the project configuration and how to access the user information in a controller or service. Windows Authentication provides a secure and convenient way to authenticate users in intranet scenarios.

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