How to create a user and get the newly created id with asp net identity


ASP.NET is a popular used for building web applications. One common task in web development is creating a user and retrieving the newly created user's ID. In this article, we will explore how to this using ASP.NET Identity.

ASP.NET Identity

ASP.NET Identity is a membership system that allows you to add authentication and authorization to your web applications. It provides a set of APIs and features that make it easy to user accounts, roles, and claims.

Creating a User

To a user using ASP.NET Identity, you can use the UserManager class provided by the framework. The following code snippet demonstrates how to create a new user:

// Instantiate the UserManager
var userManager = new UserManager(new UserStore(new ApplicationDbContext()));

// Create a new user object
var user = new ApplicationUser { UserName = "",  = "" };

// Create the user
var result = await userManager.CreateAsync(user, "P@ssw0rd");

//  if the user creation was successful
if (result.Succeeded)
    // User created successfully
    var userId = user.Id;
    // Use the userId as needed

In the above example, we instantiate the UserManager class, passing in an instance of the UserStore class that is responsible for storing user data. We then create a new ApplicationUser object with the desired username and email. Next, we call the CreateAsync method of the userManager object, passing in the user object and the desired password. The result of the user creation is stored in the result .

Retrieving the Newly Created User's ID

To retrieve the newly created user's ID, we can simply access the Id property of the user object after a successful user creation. In the previous example, we stored the user's ID in the userId variable. You can then use this ID as needed in your application.


In this article, we explored how to create a user and retrieve the newly created user's ID using ASP.NET Identity. We learned how to use the UserManager class to create a new user and access the user's ID after a successful creation. ASP.NET Identity provides a convenient and way to manage user accounts in your web applications.

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