Google authentication in asp net core web api


Google is a popular method used to allow users to sign in to an application using Google credentials. In this article, we will explore how to implement Google authentication in an ASP.NET Core Web API.


we , make sure you have the following:

  • Visual Studio installed on your machine
  • An existing ASP.NET Core Web API project
  • A Google Developer with a registered application

Step 1: Install the packages

To enable Google authentication in your ASP.NET Core Web API project, you need to install the necessary NuGet packages. Open your project in Visual Studio and navigate to the NuGet Package Manager. Search for and install the following packages:


Step 2: Configure Google authentication

Next, you need to configure Google authentication in your application's startup class. Open the Startup.cs file and locate the method. Add the following code to configure Google authentication:

    .AddGoogle(options =>
        options.ClientId = "YOUR_CLIENT_ID";
        options.ClientSecret = "YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET";

Replace “YOUR_CLIENT_ID” and “YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET” with the actual values from your Google Developer account.

Step 3: Enable authentication in your API endpoints

Now that you have configured Google authentication, you can enable it in your API endpoints. Open the Controllers in your project and locate the controller where you want to enable Google authentication. Add the [Authorize] attribute to the controller or action methods that require authentication.

public class UsersController : ControllerBase
    // Controller actions

Step 4: Test the Google authentication

Now that everything is set up, you can test the Google authentication in your ASP.NET Core Web API. Start your application and make a request to an authenticated endpoint. You will be redirected to the Google sign-in page, where you can enter your Google credentials. Once authenticated, you will be redirected back to your API endpoint.


In this article, we have learned how to implement Google authentication in an ASP.NET Core Web API. By following the steps outlined above, you can enable Google authentication in your own application and allow users to sign in using their Google credentials.

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