Cant log in from manually entered credentials for admin asp net core 6


ASP.NET is a popular programming language used for building web applications. It provides a powerful for developing dynamic and interactive websites. In this article, we will address the issue of not being able to log in from manually credentials for the admin in ASP.NET Core 6.

Problem Description

When with ASP.NET Core 6, you may encounter a situation where you are unable to log in using manually entered credentials for the admin. This can be frustrating, especially if you need to access the admin panel for your web application. However, there are several possible to this problem.

1: Check Connection String

The first thing you should do is check the connection string in your ASP.NET Core 6 application. The connection string is responsible for establishing a connection to the database where user credentials are stored. Make sure that the connection string is configured and points to the database.

// Example connection string
string connectionString = "Server=myServerAddress;Database=myDatabase;User Id=myUsername;Password=myPassword;";

Solution 2: Verify User Credentials

If the connection string is correct, the next step is to verify the user credentials. In ASP.NET Core 6, you can use the built-in Identity framework to handle user authentication and authorization. Make sure that you are correctly validating the user's credentials against the stored credentials in the database.

// Example code to verify user credentials
bool isValidUser = ValidateUserCredentials(username, password);
if (isValidUser)
    // Log in the user
    // Display an error message

Solution 3: Check Authentication Middleware

Another possible cause of the issue could be a misconfiguration in the authentication middleware of your ASP.NET Core 6 application. The authentication middleware is responsible for handling user authentication and creating the necessary authentication cookies.

Check that the authentication middleware is correctly configured and that it is using the correct authentication . You can also try clearing the authentication cookies and restarting the application to see if that resolves the issue.

// Example code for  authentication middleware


When facing the issue of not being able to log in from manually entered credentials for the admin in ASP.NET Core 6, it is important to check the connection string, verify user credentials, and review the authentication middleware configuration. By following these steps and making the necessary adjustments, you should be able to resolve the login issue and access the admin panel of your web application.

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