Asp net core custom data in authentication ticket

ASP.NET is a popular programming used for developing web . It provides a powerful framework for building dynamic and interactive websites. One of the key features of ASP.NET is its ability to handle authentication and authorization.

In this article, we will explore how to customize the data stored in an authentication ticket in ASP.NET Core. The authentication ticket is a secure container that holds user-specific information, such as identity and any additional data required for authentication.

To begin, let's take a look at the basic structure of an authentication ticket in ASP.NET Core:

var ticket = new AuthenticationTicket(principal, scheme);

Here, `principal` represents the user's identity, and `scheme` refers to the authentication scheme being used. By default, the authentication ticket only the user's identity information. However, we can customize it to include additional data.

To add custom data to the authentication ticket, we can make use of the `Properties` property. This property allows us to store key-value pairs of data associated with the ticket. Let's see an example:

var properties = new AuthenticationProperties();
properties.Items["CustomData"] = "Some custom data";

var ticket = new AuthenticationTicket(principal, scheme, properties);

In this example, we create a new instance of `AuthenticationProperties` and add a custom key-value pair to the `Items` . The key “CustomData” is associated with the value “Some custom data”. We then pass this `AuthenticationProperties` instance to the `AuthenticationTicket` constructor.

Now, let's say we want to the custom data from the authentication ticket. We can do so by accessing the `Properties` property of the ticket and retrieving the value associated with the desired key. Here's an example:

var customData = ticket.Properties.Items["CustomData"];

In this example, we retrieve the value associated with the key “CustomData” from the `Items` collection of the `Properties` property.


Customizing the data stored in an authentication ticket in ASP.NET Core allows us to include additional information required for authentication. By utilizing the `Properties` property of the `AuthenticationTicket` , we can easily add and retrieve custom data.

ASP.NET Core provides a flexible and extensible framework for handling authentication and authorization. how to customize the authentication ticket is essential for building secure and personalized web applications.

In this article, we explored how to add custom data to an authentication ticket and retrieve it when needed. By following these , you can enhance the authentication in your ASP.NET Core applications.

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