Which one is better inproc or sql server for session state mode in asp net


When an ASP.NET application, one important consideration is how to manage session state. Session state allows you to store and retrieve user-specific data across multiple requests. ASP.NET provides different session state modes, ” and “SQL Server”. In this article, we will explore the differences these two modes and help you decide which one is better for your application.

InProc Session State Mode

The “InProc” session state mode is the default mode in ASP.NET. In this mode, session data is stored in the memory of the web server process. This means that session data is lost if the web server process is restarted or recycled. However, since session data is stored in memory, session data is fast and efficient.

// Example of using InProc session state mode
Session["UserName"] = "John";

SQL Server Session State Mode

The “SQL Server” session state mode stores session data in a SQL Server . This mode provides durability and reliability, as session data is persisted even if the web server process is restarted. However, accessing session data in this mode involves additional overhead due to database operations.

// Example of using SQL Server session state mode
Session["UserName"] = "John";

Choosing the Right Session State Mode

The choice between “InProc” and “SQL Server” session state mode on the specific requirements of your application. Here are some factors to consider:


If your application requires fast and efficient to session data, “InProc” mode may be the better choice. Since session data is stored in memory, accessing session data is faster compared to accessing data from a database.


If your application needs to handle a number of users or requires high availability, “SQL Server” mode may be more suitable. Storing session data in a database allows you to scale your application across multiple web servers and provides durability in case of server failures.

Data Persistence

If it is critical for your application to persist session data even if the web server process is restarted, “SQL Server” mode is the way to go. InProc mode may result in data loss if the web server process is recycled.


Choosing the right session state mode in ASP.NET depends on the specific requirements of your application. Consider factors such as performance, scalability, and data persistence when making your decision. Both “InProc” and “SQL Server” modes have their advantages and disadvantages, so choose the mode that best suits your application's needs.

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