What is the purpose of global asax in asp net

the Purpose of .asax in ASP.NET

When working with ASP.NET, you may have come the term “Global.asax” and wondered what its purpose is. In this article, we will explore the role of Global.asax in an ASP.NET application and how it can be used to handle events and perform application-level tasks.

Global.asax is a special file in an ASP.NET application that serves as the global application class. It contains event handlers for various application-level events and provides a centralized location to handle these events. The file is automatically created when you create a new ASP.NET application.

Application Events

One of the main purposes of Global.asax is to handle application-level events. These events throughout the lifecycle of an ASP.NET application and allow you to perform tasks such as initializing application-wide variables, setting up database connections, and .

Here are some of the important application events that can be handled in Global.asax:


The Application_Start event is fired when the application is first started. It is an ideal place to perform one-time initialization tasks, such as registering routes, configuring dependency injection , or setting up logging.

protected void Application_Start()
    // Perform application initialization tasks here


The Application_End event is fired when the application is shutting down. It allows you to perform cleanup tasks, such as closing database connections or releasing .

protected void Application_End()
    // Perform cleanup tasks here


The Application_Error event is fired when an unhandled exception occurs in the application. It provides a centralized location to handle and log errors, display custom error pages, or redirect the user to a specific page.

protected void Application_Error()
    // Handle and log errors here

Session Events

In addition to application-level events, Global.asax can also handle session-level events. These events are specific to user sessions and allow you to perform tasks such as initializing session variables or tracking user activity.


The Session_Start event is fired when a new user session is started. It can be used to initialize session-specific variables or perform any necessary setup for the user's session.

protected void Session_Start()
    // Perform session initialization tasks here


The Session_End event is fired when a user session ends, either due to timeout or explicit termination. It allows you to perform cleanup tasks or log user activity before the session is destroyed.

protected void Session_End()
    // Perform session cleanup tasks here


Global.asax is a powerful file in ASP.NET that allows you to handle application-level and session-level events. By utilizing the event handlers provided by Global.asax, you can perform various tasks such as initialization, cleanup, error handling, and session management. Understanding the purpose of Global.asax and its events is essential for building robust and efficient ASP.NET applications.

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