What are services and why add them in asp net core


ASP.NET is a popular programming language used for web applications. One of the key of ASP.NET is its ability to use services. In this article, we will explore what services are and why they are important in ASP.NET Core.

Understanding Services

In ASP.NET Core, services are components that provide specific functionality to an . They can be used to perform such as data access, logging, authentication, and more. Services are registered with the application's injection container, which allows them to be easily accessed and used throughout the application.

Benefits of Services

There are several benefits to using services in ASP.NET Core:

  • Modularity: Services promote modularity by encapsulating specific functionality. This makes it easier to manage and the application's codebase.
  • Reusability: Services can be reused across different parts of an application or even in multiple applications. This reduces code duplication and improves overall development .
  • Testability: Services can be easily mocked or replaced during unit testing, allowing for more comprehensive and reliable testing of the application.
  • Scalability: Services can be scaled independently, allowing for better performance and management in large-scale applications.

Adding Services in ASP.NET Core

To add a service in ASP.NET Core, you need to register it with the dependency injection container. This can be done in the method of the Startup class.

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
    services.AddSomeService(); // Example of adding a custom service
    services.AddAnotherService(); // Example of adding another custom service
    // ...

Once a service is registered, it can be injected into other components, such as controllers or middleware, using constructor injection.

public class MyController : Controller
    private readonly ISomeService _someService;

    public MyController(ISomeService someService)
        _someService = someService;

    // ...


Services play a crucial role in ASP.NET Core development. They provide modularity, reusability, testability, and scalability to applications. By understanding the concept of services and how to add them in ASP.NET Core, developers can build more robust and maintainable web applications.

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