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ASP.NET is a popular programming used for developing web applications. It provides a framework for building websites, web , and web applications. In this article, we will explore how to configure Paypal Payflow Pro in an ASP.NET .

Paypal Payflow Pro Configuration

Paypal Payflow Pro is a payment that allows businesses to accept credit card on their websites. To configure Paypal Payflow Pro in an ASP.NET application, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Obtain Paypal Payflow Pro Credentials

Before you can start configuring Paypal Payflow Pro, you need to obtain the necessary credentials from Paypal. These credentials include the merchant login ID, partner, and . You can obtain these credentials by signing up for a Paypal Payflow Pro .

Step 2: Install Paypal Payflow Pro SDK

To Paypal Payflow Pro into your ASP.NET application, you need to install the Paypal Payflow Pro SDK. The SDK provides the necessary libraries and tools to communicate with the Paypal Payflow Pro API.

// Example code to install Paypal Payflow Pro SDK
Install-Package PayPal.Payments.Communication

Step 3: Configure Paypal Payflow Pro Settings

Once you have installed the Paypal Payflow Pro SDK, you need to configure the settings for your ASP.NET application. These settings include the Paypal Payflow Pro credentials and other configuration options.

// Example code to configure Paypal Payflow Pro settings
PayflowConnectionData connectionData = new PayflowConnectionData();
connectionData.Vendor = "your-merchant-login-id";
connectionData.Partner = "your-partner";
connectionData.Password = "your-password";

Step 4: Process Payment Transactions

Once you have configured the Paypal Payflow Pro settings, you can start processing payment transactions in your ASP.NET application. This involves creating a payment request, it to Paypal Payflow Pro API, and handling the response.

// Example code to process payment transaction
PayflowAPI.PayflowNETAPI payflowApi = new PayflowAPI.PayflowNETAPI();
PayflowAPI.PayflowRequest payflowRequest = new PayflowAPI.PayflowRequest();
payflowRequest.TransactionType = "S";
payflowRequest.Tender = new PayflowAPI.CreditCardTender("4111111111111111", "12/2023");
payflowRequest.Amount = new PayflowAPI.Currency(new decimal(10.00));
PayflowAPI.PayflowResponse payflowResponse = payflowApi.SubmitTransaction(payflowRequest);


In this article, we have discussed how to configure Paypal Payflow Pro in an ASP.NET application. We covered the steps to obtain Paypal Payflow Pro credentials, install the Paypal Payflow Pro SDK, configure the settings, and process payment transactions. By following these steps, you can easily integrate Paypal Payflow Pro into your ASP.NET application and start accepting credit card payments.

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