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ASP.NET is a widely used programming language for developing web applications. It provides a powerful framework that allows developers to build dynamic and interactive websites. However, like any other programming language, ASP.NET can encounter errors and issues that need to be resolved. One common error that developers may come across is the HTTP Error 500.24 – Internal Server Error.

This error typically occurs when there is a problem with the ASP.NET configuration settings on the server. It indicates that the server has detected a configuration to ASP.NET. To solve this error, we need to identify the root cause and make the necessary to the configuration settings.

Identifying the Root Cause

To identify the root cause of the HTTP Error 500.24 – Internal Server Error, we need to the error and the server logs. The error message usually provides some information about the specific configuration issue that has been detected. In this case, the error message mentions that an ASP.NET setting has been detected.

Resolving the Error

To resolve the HTTP Error 500.24 – Internal Server Error, we need to make changes to the ASP.NET configuration settings. These settings can be modified in the web.config file of the ASP.NET application. The web.config file contains various configuration that the behavior of the application.

To make the necessary changes, open the web.config file and locate the section related to ASP.NET configuration. Look for any settings that might be causing the error. Common settings that can trigger this error include incorrect version numbers, missing or invalid modules, or incorrect handlers.

Once you have identified the problematic setting, you can modify it accordingly. For example, if the error is caused by an incorrect version number, you can update the version number to the correct one. If a or handler is missing or invalid, you can add or correct the respective entries.

Here's an example of how the modified web.config file might look like:


In this example, we have updated the targetFramework attribute to the correct version number (4.8) and added or corrected the module and handler entries.


The HTTP Error 500.24 – Internal Server Error in ASP.NET can be resolved by identifying and modifying the problematic configuration settings. By analyzing the error message and the server logs, we can pinpoint the root cause and make the necessary changes in the web.config file. It is to carefully review the configuration settings and ensure they are correct and valid.

to always test the modified configuration settings thoroughly to ensure that the error has been resolved and the application is functioning as expected.

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