How to get current user in asp net core


ASP.NET is a popular programming language used for building web applications. One requirement in web applications is to retrieve information about the current user. In this article, we will explore how to get the current user in ASP.NET Core.

Getting the Current User

To get the current user in ASP.NET Core, you can use the User property of the HttpContext . This property provides access to the current user's claims and identity.

var currentUser = HttpContext.User;

The HttpContext.User property returns an of type ClaimsPrincipal, which represents the current user's claims and identity. You can use this object to access information such as the user's name, email, roles, and more.

Accessing User Claims

Once you have the ClaimsPrincipal object, you can access the user's claims using the Claims property. This property returns a collection of Claim objects, each representing a specific claim about the user.

var currentUser = HttpContext.User;
var userClaims = currentUser.Claims;

You can iterate over the userClaims collection to access individual claims and their values. For example, to get the user's name claim:

var currentUser = HttpContext.User;
var userNameClaim = currentUser.Claims.FirstOrDefault(c => c.Type == "name")?.Value;

In the above example, we use the FirstOrDefault method to find the first claim with the type “name” and retrieve its value. If the claim is not , the ?. ensures that a null value is returned of throwing an .

Checking User Authentication

In addition to user information, you may also need to check if the user is authenticated. You can do this by using the IsAuthenticated property of the ClaimsPrincipal object.

var currentUser = HttpContext.User;
var isAuthenticated = currentUser.Identity.IsAuthenticated;

The IsAuthenticated property returns a boolean value indicating the user is authenticated or not. You can use this property to control access to parts of your application based on the user's authentication status.


Retrieving the current user in ASP.NET Core is a common requirement in web applications. By using the HttpContext.User property, you can access the current user's claims and identity. You can then retrieve specific claims and check the user's authentication status as needed.

Remember to always handle null values and exceptions when accessing user claims to ensure a robust and secure application.

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