C sharp automatic logon to asp net web site not getting session id


ASP.NET is a popular programming language used for building web . One challenge faced by developers is logon functionality in ASP.NET web while ensuring the session ID is obtained correctly. In this article, we will explore different to solve this problem and provide examples to illustrate the solutions.

Approach 1: Using Forms Authentication

One way to achieve automatic logon in ASP.NET is by using Forms Authentication. This approach involves creating a login page where can enter their credentials. Upon authentication, a session ID is generated and stored in a cookie. Subsequent requests from the user's browser will include this session ID, allowing the server to identify the user and maintain their session.

// Example code for Forms Authentication
FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie(username, rememberMe);

In the above example, the SetAuthCookie method is used to create an authentication cookie with the specified username. The rememberMe parameter determines whether the cookie should across browser sessions.

Approach 2: Using Session State

Another approach to automatic logon in ASP.NET is by using Session State. Session State allows you to store and retrieve user-specific data during a user's session. By storing the session ID in a cookie or as part of the URL, you can log in the user by retrieving their session data based on the session ID.

// Example code for retrieving session ID
string sessionId = Request.Cookies["sessionId"].Value;

In the above example, the session ID is retrieved from a cookie named “sessionId”. This value can then be used to retrieve the user's session data and automatically log them in.


Implementing automatic logon functionality in ASP.NET web sites can be achieved using various approaches. In this article, we explored two common approaches: using Forms Authentication and using Session State. Both approaches involve storing and retrieving the session ID to identify the user and maintain their session. By understanding these approaches and using the provided examples, developers can successfully implement automatic logon in their ASP.NET web applications.

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