The ViewState is a feature in ASP.NET that allows the state of a web page to be persisted across postbacks. It is used to store and retrieve values multiple requests for the same page. ViewState is automatically maintained by ASP.NET and is stored as a hidden field in the HTML output of the page.

ViewState is particularly useful when dealing with web forms that require maintaining the state of controls, such as textboxes, checkboxes, and dropdown lists, between postbacks. It allows the values entered by the user to be retained even a postback occurs.

Here is an example of how ViewState can be used in an ASP.NET web form:

    ViewState Example


In the code above, a web form is with a TextBox, a Button, and a . When the user enters a name in the TextBox and clicks the button, the of the TextBox is stored in the ViewState. The value is then retrieved on postback and displayed in the Label control.

 void btnSubmit_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    string name = txtName.Text;
    ViewState["Name"] = name;
    lblMessage.Text = ", " + name + "!";

In the code-behind file, the value entered in the TextBox is retrieved and stored in the ViewState using the key “Name”. The value is then concatenated with a greeting message and displayed in the Label control.

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