Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection is a design pattern used in ASP.NET to achieve loose coupling components. It allows the dependencies of a class to be injected from the outside, rather than being the class itself. This promotes modularity, testability, and maintainability of the code.


Let's say we have a class called UserService that requires an instance of IUserRepository to perform database operations. Instead of creating an instance of IUserRepository within the UserService class, we can inject it as a dependency.

public class UserService
    private readonly IUserRepository _userRepository;

    public UserService(IUserRepository userRepository)
        _userRepository = userRepository;

    //   of UserService that use _userRepository

In the above example, the UserService class has a constructor that takes an instance of IUserRepository as a . This allows the dependency to be injected from the outside when creating an instance of UserService.

By dependency injection, we can easily swap different implementations of IUserRepository without the UserService class. This the code more flexible and maintainable.

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