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When an ASP.NET Core 6 application, it is important to reference the necessary NuGet packages to ensure that all functionality is available. In this article, we will discuss the NuGet packages that must be by an ASP.NET Core 6 application.

ASP.NET Core 6 Application Parts

ASP.NET Core 6 introduces the concept of application parts, which allow you to modularize your application and organize its components into separate . Each application part can controllers, , and other related files.

To reference the necessary NuGet packages for application parts in ASP.NET Core 6, you need to include the following code at the beginning of your ASP.NET code:

      using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.ApplicationParts;
      using Microsoft.Extensions.;

Referencing NuGet Packages

When working with application parts in ASP.NET Core 6, you need to reference the following NuGet packages:


This package provides the core functionality for MVC in ASP.NET Core. It includes the necessary and interfaces for defining controllers, views, and other MVC-related components.



This package enables runtime compilation of Razor views in ASP.NET Core. It allows you to make changes to your views without having to rebuild the entire application.



This package provides support for data annotations in ASP.NET Core. Data annotations allow you to specify validation rules and other metadata for your models.



Referencing the necessary NuGet packages is crucial when working with application parts in ASP.NET Core 6. By including the required packages, you ensure that your application has access to the core MVC functionality, runtime compilation of Razor views, and support for data annotations.

to include the code snippets provided in this article to reference the NuGet packages in your ASP.NET Core 6 application.

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