Inet e resource not found when running asp net webapi application in docker


ASP.NET is a popular programming language used for developing web applications. It provides a framework for building dynamic websites, web services, and web APIs. However, like any programming language, ASP.NET developers may encounter various and errors while working on their . One common error that developers may face is the “Inet e resource not ” error when running an ASP.NET WebAPI application in Docker.

Understanding the Error

The “Inet e resource not found” error typically occurs when the application is unable to find a specific resource or file required for its execution. In the context of running an ASP.NET WebAPI application in Docker, this error can be caused by various factors, such as incorrect file paths, missing dependencies, or configuration issues.

Solving the Error

To solve the “Inet e resource not found” error in an ASP.NET WebAPI application running in Docker, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Check File Paths

First, ensure that all file paths in your application are correct and accessible within the Docker container. This includes checking the paths for any required resources, such as configuration files, views, or static files. Make sure that the file paths specified in your code the actual file locations within the Docker container.

// Example code for checking file paths
string configFilePath = "/app//config.json";
string viewFilePath = "/app/views/index.html";

Step 2: Dependencies

Next, ensure that all required dependencies and packages are properly installed and included in your Docker image. Check your project's dependency management file (e.g., package.json or project.json) and make sure that all necessary packages are listed and up to date. Additionally, ensure that the Docker image used for running your application includes these dependencies.

// Example code for verifying dependencies
// package.json
  "dependencies": {
    "": "^4.17.1",
    "mongodb": "^3.6.3"

Step 3: Check Configuration

Review your application's configuration settings to ensure they are correctly set up for running in a Docker environment. This includes checking any environment variables, connection strings, or other configuration values that may be required for your application to function properly. Make sure that these settings are properly configured within your Docker container.

// Example code for checking configuration
// .json
  "ConnectionStrings": {
    "DefaultConnection": "Server=localhost;=myDb;User=sa;Password=pass123;"

Step 4: Debugging and Logging

If the error persists, consider adding debugging and logging statements to your code to help identify the root cause of the issue. This can involve printing relevant information to the console or log files during the application's execution. By analyzing these logs, you may be able to pinpoint the specific resource or file that is causing the “Inet e resource not found” error.

// Example code for debugging and logging
Console.WriteLine("Attempting to load configuration file...");
Logger.Log("Error: Configuration file not found.");


The “Inet e resource not found” error in an ASP.NET WebAPI application running in Docker can be resolved by carefully checking file paths, verifying dependencies, reviewing configuration settings, and adding debugging and logging statements. By following these steps and analyzing the error logs, you can identify and fix the underlying cause of the error, ensuring the smooth execution of your ASP.NET WebAPI application in Docker.

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