How to use nuget packages with an asp net website on ci server


When developing an ASP.NET website, it is common to use NuGet packages to add functionality and enhance the development process. However, when working with a CI (Continuous Integration) server, there might be some challenges in using NuGet packages effectively. In this article, we will explore how to use NuGet packages with an ASP.NET website on a CI server and provide examples to illustrate the process.

Step 1: up the CI Server

The first step is to set up the CI server to build and the ASP.NET website. This involves configuring the CI server to restore NuGet packages during the build process. Most CI servers have built-in support for NuGet restoration, but the exact steps may vary depending on the server you are using.

Step 2: Managing NuGet Packages

Once the CI server is set up, you need to manage the NuGet packages used by your ASP.NET website. It is recommended to use a package manager configuration file, such as a packages.config file, to specify the packages and their versions. This file should be included in your source control repository.

To install the required NuGet packages on the CI server, you can use the following command in your build script:

nuget restore YourSolution.sln

This command will restore all the NuGet packages specified in the packages.config file for your ASP.NET website.

Step 3: the ASP.NET Website

After restoring the NuGet packages, you can proceed with building the ASP.NET website on the CI server. This can be done using the appropriate build command for your CI server. For example, if you are using MSBuild, you can use the following command:

msbuild YourSolution.sln /t:Build

This command will build the ASP.NET website and generate the necessary files.

Step 4: the ASP.NET Website

Once the ASP.NET website is built, you need to deploy it to the appropriate location on the CI server. The deployment process may vary depending on your CI server and the . However, the general idea is to copy the output files generated during the build process to the desired location.

Example: Using a NuGet Package in an ASP.NET Website

Let's consider an example where we want to use the Newtonsoft.Json NuGet package in our ASP.NET website. To do this, we need to follow the steps mentioned above:

  1. Set up the CI server to restore NuGet packages.
  2. Create a packages.config file and specify the Newtonsoft.Json package.
  3. Restore the NuGet packages using the nuget restore command.
  4. Build the ASP.NET website using the appropriate build command.
  5. Deploy the ASP.NET website to the desired location.

By following these steps, we can effectively use the Newtonsoft.Json NuGet package in our ASP.NET website on a CI server.


Using NuGet packages with an ASP.NET website on a CI server can be a straightforward process if the necessary steps are followed. By setting up the CI server, managing NuGet packages, building the website, and deploying it , you can ensure that your ASP.NET website utilizes the required packages effectively. Remember to consult the documentation of your CI server and NuGet package manager for specific instructions and best practices.

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