Converting an inventory system from asp net mvc2 to sharepoint 2010 any issues


an inventory system from ASP.NET MVC2 to SharePoint 2010 can be a challenging task. Both platforms have their own unique features and , which can make the migration process complex. In this article, we will explore some of the common that developers may encounter during this conversion and provide possible solutions.

Issue 1: Differences in Architecture

ASP.NET MVC2 follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, while SharePoint 2010 uses a different architecture based on web parts and lists. This difference in architecture can pose challenges when migrating an inventory system.

// Example code for ASP.NET MVC2
public class InventoryController : Controller
    public ActionResult Index()
        // Code for retrieving inventory data

To overcome this issue, you need to redesign the inventory system to fit the SharePoint architecture. Instead of using controllers and views, you will need to create web parts and lists to handle the inventory data.

// Example code for SharePoint 2010 web part
public class InventoryWebPart : WebPart
    protected  void CreateChildControls()
        // Code for retrieving inventory data and rendering it

Issue 2: Data Access

Another is the difference in data access mechanisms between ASP.NET MVC2 and SharePoint 2010. ASP.NET MVC2 typically uses Framework or other ORM frameworks for data access, while SharePoint 2010 uses SharePoint lists and libraries.

To this issue, you will need to refactor the data access code to use SharePoint's APIs for accessing lists and libraries. You can use the SharePoint Client Object Model or the SharePoint Server Object Model, depending on your requirements.

Issue 3: User Interface

The user interface (UI) of the inventory system may also need to be redesigned to match the SharePoint look and feel. SharePoint has its own set of UI components and styling, which may differ from the UI components used in ASP.NET MVC2.

To address this issue, you will need to update the UI code to use SharePoint's UI components and styling. You can leverage SharePoint's built-in web parts, master pages, and CSS styles to a consistent and seamless user experience.


Converting an inventory system from ASP.NET MVC2 to SharePoint 2010 requires careful planning and consideration of the differences in architecture, data access, and user interface. By understanding challenges and implementing the suggested solutions, you can successfully migrate your inventory system to SharePoint 2010.

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